Airstream Food Truck / Airstream Food Trailer

A custom built 100% functional airstream food truck with a hint of creativity, is all that you need to create a buzz out there and take your business to another level. For all your airstream food truck requirements, Custom Airstream can be a one stop solution. At Custom Airstream, you can expect the following:

Customized Food Trucks Catering to All Your Requirements


Top Class Quality and Latest Technology


Fully Equipped Commercial Airstream Trailers


The Custom Airstream Difference

At Custom Airstream, we have been actively involved in crafting tailored airstream food trucks, as per the client requirements, ensuring that it’s stands out from the rest, in terms of design and quality.

What benefits roll in with airstream food trailer?


  • The dynamics of a food truck differs a lot from those of a sit-down restaurant.
  • It becomes easy for you as a business owner to analyse the best location, try new recipes, and modify plans & menu.
  • Gaining customer base becomes easy with airstream food trailer, ultimately creating brand awareness.

Creativity at Its Best:

  • Getting a customized airstream food truck or trailer adds to the creativity and design.
  • With a creative and out of the box airstream food truck, getting noticed by the customers and being remembered becomes easy.
  • Your food trailer can be super inventive interpretation of your cuisine.
  • Experimenting with the designs of food truck and being creative in designing it, adds to the brand presence and helps in defining one’s brand.

Low Operational Cost:

  • Investing in an airstream food truck cuts down on various operational costs. The costs are limited to food, supplies, electricity and gas.
  • The need to have a full staff cuts down, ultimately offering a low operational cost, increasing the ROI.

Flexibility and Mobility:

  • Mobility and versatility are one of the major attractions of airstream food truck.
  • The mobility factor will assist you in reaching out a large number of customers.
  • Whereas the flexibility variant adds to the level of customization.
  • You can get your airstream food trailer customized easily by Custom Airstream the way you wish to.

Contact us with your ideas. We have Airstream TrailErs available – ready for your conversation!

What makes Custom Airstream Different from Others?

Creative Minds:

  • We do not work on one size fits in for all theory.
  • We believe in being creative and come up with innovative solutions.
  • At Custom Airstream, we offer our clients with ultimate flexibility in customization of the airstream food trailers.
  • Here, we blend our creativity with client’s requirements to come up with a design worth staring.


  • Serving the airstream industry since a long time, we have the expertise to design amazing airstream food trucks.
  • We have delivered countless airstream trailers, especially airstream food trailers till date, and have numerous happy clients.
  • Our designers have years of expertise in what they do, and they would love to be creative with your airstream food trailer.

Believe in Professionalism:

  • At Custom Airstream, we do not leave any stone unturned, to keep up with professionalism.
  • We commit to our delivery schedules and ensure to keep the clients informed regarding the project progress.

Quality Speaks for Itself:

  • Quality always remains our main focus and never compromise with it.
  • Using the top quality materials, we ensure your airstream food trailer passes all the quality tests.
  • We work on each of our products and try to enhance our quality standards each time.

How Much Does It Cost to Convert an Airstream Food Trailer?

Well, the answer to this depends upon your requirements. At Custom Airstream, we have numerous options to choose from, and each vary in price, as per the functionality and features it carries. The prices largely vary, as per the trailer configuration, equipment and material selection. But most importantly, airstream food trucks are always cost effective as compared to a full-fledged restaurant. It is an economical option to choose.

How Much Time Does It Take to Convert an Airstream Food Trailer?

The process to craft an airstream food truck involves multiple steps. And the final touches take the maximum time. At Custom Airstream, the maximum production time is approximately 4 months from the date it is ordered. However, the exact time varies as per the requirements of the client, as well as the complexity of the airstream food trailer. Once you order and share other details, a proper delivery schedule will be shared with you, so as to keep things crystal clear and organized.