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Airstream Customization

Our specialty lies in our commercial Airstream customization.  Custom Airstream can transform a modest travel trailer into a fully-fledged marketing machine, whether your business requires one trailer or an entire fleet. Let us help bring your vision to life in an eye catching and unexpected way.

The Custom Airstream difference

Quality: We use top quality materials. We don’t cut corners. We take the extra steps.

Our mediums of predilection are vintage Airstreams. We deconstruct and rebuild the Airstreams keeping the original look and charm of the old days. We improve their technical strength with current materials. We evolve and make continuous improvements to our products. We stay on top of latest technologies to bring flare to your project.

Professionalism: A project manager will be assign from the initial meeting to the delivery of trailer. We commit to our delivery schedules. We keep you inform and send progress report throughout the build.

We gathered the dream team, all masters in their crafts! We employ industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electricians, interior designer, woodworkers, upholsterer, RV and Automotive technicians, sheet metal and structure specialist.

Creativity & Technical ingenuity: No project is too complicated. We find creative and innovative solutions to solve technical obstacle. We love challenges. Have a crazy Airstream idea; let’s make it happen!

Experience: Our business has been focusing on Airstream since 2010. We have since then delivered countless Custom Airstream trailers to happy customers!

Our Process

We do follow standard process for all of our customization project. Read through our SIX STEPS to learn how to start!

Initial meeting with our sales team – First contact with CA to acquire an overview of the project and your budget; can be done in person or over the phone.

Creative meeting with design & engineering team/retainer – This is where we want to hear all the details about your Airstream project. It can be done in person at CA’s office or via Skype. Bring your wish list of elements you want to add to the Airstream. An initial retainer to go towards your project will be required in order to move to the next phase.

Quote and initial drawing –  We will provide you a conceptual drawing, a floor plan  and a price estimate of the project based on the creative meeting.

Drawing refinement, corrections and modifications – We will revise the floor plan elements and adjust the quote accordingly.

Quote acceptation & contract signature – We will prepare a detailed quote and contract with will define your relationship with CA until the completion of the project.

Production – We start building your Custom Airstream!

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