Ameswell Hotel

Food & Beverage

Ameswell Hotel Airstream Bar
1975 Airstream 19’

This custom Food and Beverage Airstream Bar is located in front of the Ameswell Hotel in Mountain View California in U.S.A.. The Ameswell hotel is a 255-room luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley opposite to Google and Facebook headquarters. Guests of the hotel are greeted by naturally infused craft cocktails and chef inspired handheld snacks. Patrons can relax and enjoy the fun and playful atmosphere of the outdoor terrasse.

Key Features

  • 8’ Bifold gull wing door
  • Wooden exterior bar
  • Stainless penny tiles wall covering
  • Recess accent lights
  • Cocktail dispensers
  • Ventless cooking appliances
  • Cocktail station

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