Rustic Cuff Airstream Showroom

Experiential marketing

Rustic Cuff Airstream Show room
1974 Airstream Trade Wind 26’

This beautiful Airstream Customization was made to reflect Rustic Cuff existing show room aesthetics. Just as the brand dazzling cuffs, Custom Airstream paid special attention to details and finishing.
The team at RC affectionately named the trailer “Bernie”. The Airstream showroom is currently being scheduled for various festivals, sporting events, private parties, and shopping appearances.

You can follow their next appearance:
#RCBernie on twitter

Key Features

  • 14’ Gull wing door with electronic actuators
  • Custom cabinets
  • Jewelry display
  • Exterior paint
  • Back lit logo light box

“I can’t tell you what an amazing wonderful incredible thing you created for us. We are all so grateful!”

Jill Donavan