Are Airstreams a Great Option for Salon Businesses?

Do you own a salon or planning to step into the salon industry? Well, if that is the case, then airstreams are for you. No doubt, Airstream’s glamour has expanded way beyond being a travel trailer. From fashion and beauty to wine bars, every industry is trying its luck on airstreams. If you are planning to enter the salon industry, then an airstream will be a great idea, in terms of money, mobility, flexibility, brand building, and customer targeting. Salon businesses planning to expand can invest in an airstream to become accessible to consumers at large.

What makes Airstream Salon an ideal decision, is the fact that it eliminates the restriction of working in a brick-and-mortar hair salon and also frees you from a rigid routine. Moreover, the demand for mobile services is extremely high. The reason is that people do not have time to move to beauty salons due to a tight work schedule. Targeting such customers with a mobile salon is a great idea, as they are ready to pay a reasonable amount of money provided your services are excellent.

Mobile salon services give individuals and groups the opportunity to take advantage of services from their comfort. Airstreams make a great mobile beauty salon because they are compact, easy to maintain, and also allow you to travel with all your equipment. If you are dicey about getting an airstream customized for your salon business, here is a list of some convincing perks of an Airstream Salon business.

  • Versatility – Airstreams are versatile and can be customized the way you want. You can even pull your salon trailer into a campground and rent spa services to the campers. You can do whatever you want to with an airstream in terms of design, location, and everything.
  • Mobility – Unlike a brick-and-mortar salon, your airstream can move around everywhere. You can take your salon to people who need you. There is no geographical restriction with an airstream trailer, you just need to hook it up and tow it wherever you wish to.
  • Higher Demand – As people nowadays have a hectic schedule, they look for services that they can avail of according to their comfort. Thus, getting an airstream customized for a salon would be a great idea to capture the audience who is looking for a more mobile option.

The perks of starting a mobile salon business are endless. If you are planning to get an airstream customized for your salon business, then Custom Airstream can help you with that. We are a full-service airstream customization company, working toward bringing your vision to life. For more details, feel free to visit our website i.e.,, or discuss your queries with our experts at 1-866-726-6623 Or e-mail us at:, and we will help add wheels to your salon business.