Be the Life of the Party with Custom Airstream Lounge

Be the Life of the Party with Custom Airstream Lounge
The Airstream lounge trailers are custom-made havens for your perfect getaways, office parties, client meetings or simply a chill out with your friends and family. Customized interior with world-class equipment per project requirement is what makes it stand out. Whether it is a wine cellar, a professional setting or a workspace, you ask it; we can build it. With Custom Airstream find your perfect mobile or permanently stationed lounge. From avonite counters to warm flooring and solar panels, you can add anything you want. It is a packed powerhouse to light up your visits to the closest beaches or an interstate trip or backyard.

Customize Your Lounge Trailer:

Custom Wall Designs – With Custom Airstream you can enhance your wall designs, add to its luxury or make it more comfortable or both. It’s up to you. We have all the solutions for your mobile or permanent lounging requirements.

Power Backup – Installed with solar panels, inverters and long-life batteries, your trailer lounge is ready to go anywhere. With long battery life and continuous power sources, you can customize per your requirements. Wouldn’t it be a perfect getaway with friends and family?

Seating Arrangements – You can add up to any number of sitting you want per your trailer size. Armchairs, Convertible sofa beds get everything luxurious in your movable trailer or permanent lounge. Isn’t the whole concept of Airstream Lounge for a luxury outing and quality time?

Accessories & Equipment – You can add a fully equipped kitchen, a working space, an elegant sitting space, a minibar and everything you ask for with a scope of breathable space. At Custom Airstream, we work to maximize your space utilization for the wondrous outcome of your trailer lounge.

Light & Heat Systems – You can add lighting as your choice. Whether it’s a night sky roof, indirect LED lights or undercarriage lights. Also, you can come up with something of your own, we are always happy to explore. Apart from aesthetic light, we offer comfortable heat flooring systems, and perfect cooling systems to tackle the outside temperatures.

Conclusion – Get your mobile or permanent lounge customized with Custom Airstream. With a fully equipped kitchen to elegant lighting spaces, you can have it all. If you are big on hostings, this Airstream Lounge is the best for your parties. Add all the features of a fully functional mobile home to your creative living space. Go explore the world or just weekend getaways, it is perfect for both. Visit our website at or contact our experts at 514-262-5256. You can also drop your query to us directly through, to get your lounge trailer customized.